DC4500- 240 VOLTS

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Cooling Tower Controller Bleed & Feed with Dual Biocide Additions.

The Liquitron DC4500 Series Conductivity Controller is a microprocessor based control system that will operate in a variety of water treatment applications. The DC4500 provides a set point and relay for conductivity control, and a variety of timer functions to control chemical addition, including dual biocides. Pumps may be controlled in either ON/OFF or External Trigger mode. Programming this controller is simple and is accomplished using only three keys. The backlit LCD display and LEDs provide a visual indication of operating conditions and equipment status.


  • 0-20,000 µS Control Range 
  • Display units in µS or in PPM/TDS
  • Temperature Display in °C or °F
  • High and Low Alarm with Output Relay
  • Water Meter Totalizer (Gallons)
  • 4-20 mA Recorder Output (Standard) 
  • Flow Switch Compatible (N.O. or N.C.) 
  • Backlit LCD Alpha / Numeric Display 
  • Timer or Conductivity Based Prebleed 
  • Bleed Output Relay
  • Inhibitor Chemical Pump Output (ON / OFF or External Trigger) 
  • Dual Biocide Pump Output (ON / OFF or External Trigger
Manual Datasheet

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