AD965-842N2 7.6 L/H 3.4 BAR PVDF LIQUID END

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The Roytronic Excel AD electronic metering pump offers an extensive range of features including microprocessor control for accurate and flexible automation in response to instrument signals, a graphical display, tactile keypad, programmable control of 4-20mA signal and universal voltage input.

  • Universal 95V -240V input voltage
  • LCD user interface with display of calculated flow rate
  • Versatile chemical injection. 1-120 SPM (1-59 SPH)
  • Built in 7 day timer
  • Programmable control from 4-20mA signs
  • Divide or multiply incoming pulses ( 1-9999)
  • Fast Prime liquid end with bleed port 
  • Flow monitoring when used with FM-Roy-9 Digi-Pulse
  • Improved pumping efficiency due to double ball check valve
  • Clear cover proctects control panel from weather and chemicals
  • Supplied complete with injection valve, foot valve, ceramic weight, 6m of tubing
  • Double ball check valves
  • IP65 Housing
  • Digital Flow rate display
  • Suction Lift 1.5m
  • Universal 95 – 240V
  • 1 SPH TO 120 SPM
  • Remote on/off
  • Fast Prime Liquid End & bleed port
  • Batch Accumulation
Manual Datasheet Liquid End

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